Moby Dick’s House of Kabob – Arlington

5 03 2008

Moby Dick’s House of Kabob – 3000 Washington Blvd, Arlington, Va

Last night we passed this place in the car and it piqued my interest. When it came time to decide where to eat for lunch today I proposed it and off we went.

Parking: It’s on Highland St. in Clarendon so there’s pretty limited metered street parking, but we managed to get the last spot.

Summary: The first thing I noticed as we approached the restaurant was the handwritten sign on the door that said, “Please close the door so we can keep the restaurant warm,” and honestly who isn’t trying to keep their energy bills down in this day and age. The second thing was the number of people there, especially for a late lunch. Right in front of the door is the counter and visible kitchen, with ample dining space to your right. The overhead menu was in big bold letters so it was easy to read, the pictures on the menu however were the stereotypical pictures with the distinct yellow tone that never fails to be present on menu pictures (go to your local Chinese take-out if you’re still clueless). The employees are very competent, move with great efficiency, and are genuinely nice to top it off. One of the behind the counter employees took time to deliver food to a guest who seemed like he came there often. The prices are very reasonable, $6.31 including tax for a gyro. Feel free to sit down after your order as they employ the use of a microphone to ensure that you are well aware that your food is ready.

What surprised me the most was the size of the gyro. It was cut in two, while most gyros I’ve eaten have been whole, but this was for good reason; a whole gyro would have been as long as my forearm. Also, unlike other gyros it was fully rolled up rather than served like a taco. The pita was also thinner, but it wasn’t greasy or oily like others I’ve eaten, it also had a slight flaky texture to it which was rather enjoyable. The meat was warm, juicy, flavorful. While I was eating my first half of my gyro I wished that there was more beef, until I realized that there was a second half. The gyro was stuffed with iceberg lettuce and onion, which are fine but I’d rather have a different form of greenery than iceberg. The most disappointing aspect of the vegetables is the fact that for such a large gyro they only included two paltry slices of tomato (I don’t eat raw tomato so I didn’t mind, but the Shakey Dog did). The feta cheese is adequate providing the great flavor you’d expect, without overpowering the rest of the sandwich, a risk often involved with utilizing such a strong cheese. They also provide you with a large side container of tzatziki sauce for your gyro which adds creaminess to the dish and adds a contrasting flavor to the onion and meat.

Overall, it was a fairly quick satisfying meal, however with free wireless internet and a calm atmosphere it is still a location for those that would stay for a while and post up. A great alternative to the perpetually yuppie filled Starbucks for those with wireless needs, and hey anything new in Clarendon that isn’t a run of the mill, corporate, over priced, sit down restaurant is fine with me.

When to eat there: Any afternoon when you have nothing to do but don’t want to destroy your lungs in a smoke filled hookah bar.

Price Range: About 6-10 dollars for a full meal. The gyro (at about 6$) seemed like a steal, though it didn’t fill either of us up.

Final Judgement: If you’re looking for fairly high quality middle eastern food and a nice place to hang out during the day, Moby Dick’s is worth a shot. If you’re in the neighborhood you should take a chance too, you never know if you might spend the rest of your life chasing the one that got away.




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