Amsterdam Falafel – Adam’s Morgan

5 10 2010

“I was wondering, do you deliver falafel to the top of Mt. Zion? Great. I’d like a large falafel with pepperoni, sausage, and extra cheese. Yes, I know what a falafel is.” – Homer Simpson


Front of the Shop


Amsterdam Falafel is a place that is near and dear to my heart. They are on a very short list of places who’s food I will specifically crave. They have a very unassuming shopfront due to the fact that they’re built into a townhouse. The interior feels just like they’ve invited you into their underground, quasi-legal food joint. A breath of fresh air from the generic modern look of the gentrified, yuppie food dispensaries. They keep it simple here: they serve falafel and fries (with purchasable baked goods). Their prices are simple: $10 for falafel, soda, and fries (tax included). All you have to say is combo white or wheat depending on what type of pita you desire. That’s the simplest ordering system I’ve ever seen in DC, which becomes quite obvious if you come here after partaking in the night life. That’s not to say that this place isn’t totally awesome in the daytime either as a lunch spot.

They fry up the balls for the falafel and the fries in small batches so your food always tastes fresh and hot. They then simply hand you your falafel in a paper bag and fries in a paper cup, the rest is up to you. That’s right, there’s a topping bar.


Forget the bedroom, this is where the magic happens


They have a sheet on top of the topping bar to guide you through the proper process if it is your first time. Namely crushing the balls of your falafel before putting in toppings and a few rules regarding taking extra toppings in extra containers. As you can see, there are a plethora of toppings available for your falafel and I advise you to constantly try new stuff and don’t be afraid. The Turkish Salad is a must-have though; I cannot stress how excellent it truly is. There is even an iPhone Application for topping selection available on their website. There is also a selection of sauces to the left of the topping bar as well as a selection of sauces for your fries next to the soda machine. The peanut butter sauce is phenomenal and immediately became the default condiment for any French Fries I consumed there.

Try to avoid getting the itis after coming here, I challenge you. I know I have yet to accomplish this daring feat.

Amsterdam Falafel Website

(Note: Images used in this review are not my own. If you click on the image it will take you to the source website I borrowed them from)

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