Matsutake – Crystal City

12 11 2010

Matsutake (Japanese松茸, pine mushroom, Tricholoma matsutake = syn. T. nauseosum) is the common name for a highly sought aftermycorrhizal mushroom that grows in AsiaEurope, and North America. It is prized by Japanese for its distinct spicy-aromatic odor.” – Wikipedia

I go to Matsutake as frequently as the amount of mercury I consume from tuna based sushi allows. It’s my semi-monthly indulgence. I gorge on their sushi buffet, allow enough time for the mercury to leave my body, then repeat. Normally it’s the Ballston location that I frequent, but honestly the past few times I’ve been there have been less than stellar. They’ve been messing with the sushi buffet offerings, it’s more crowded than I desire, etc. On a whim the other day, we decided to go to the other Matsutake location in Crystal City.

The other Matsutake is like one one of those other flavors of Mountain Dew (Code Red, Baja Blast, etc.), familiar, yet intriguingly different. The selection of sushi they offered was better than the current offerings at the Ballston location in my opinion. The Crystal City location also seemed to be far less crowded than the Ballston location was at the time we arrived (noonish), which was a huge plus in my opinion. While it is further away than the Ballston restaurant, I’d rather take the extra time to ensure that there’s less hassle and a menu that is a bit more catered to my taste in sushi (i.e., not a lot of sushi with mayonaise like sauce on top of it).

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