Shawarma Spot – Adams Morgan

15 12 2010
Shawarma Spot

I hope it's shawarma inside because it's cold out here

Ever since the Lebanese Butcher in Falls Church burned down, there has been a general shawarma deficiency in my life. I had read about this place in the Washington Post and knew it was good. My friend Punches had also been there and had compared it to some of the best shawarmas he experienced while studying abroad in the Middle East. One day we had a hankering for shawarma that could not be stopped so we drove to Adam’s Morgan for Sharwarma Spot.

The shawarmas at Shawarma Spot were different than most of those that I’ve had. It turns out I’ve mostly had Lebanese and Egyptian style shawarmas. They’re very simple, well-spice and are done in a wrap style. The ones at Shawarma Spot are closer to the style found in Israel according to Punches. The Israeli style is a bit more akin to Western culinary practices, ie., stuff full of toppings and packed to the brim. They split open the pita round and stuff the shawarma inside (similar to the falafel down the road at Amsterdam Falafel). Punches ordered a beef shawarma and I went with the chicken. First they toasted the pita round, stuffed it with whatever you wanted from the toppings bar, put the meat in it, and finally applied the desired sauces to it.

Chicken Shawarma

Gone in 60 Seconds

In my shawarma I got hummus, turnips, cucumber and tomato salad, onions, what appeared to be a cilanto based salad, tahini, and hot sauce. There were even more toppings available that I didn’t pick, just to give you an idea of the diversity of their offerings. After I took this picture I took one bite, realized just how good this shawarma is, and then promptly destroyed the entire sandwich. The chicken was grilled to perfection and really warmed me up from the cold weather outside. The vegetable toppings (particularly the cucumber and tomato salad) provided a crisp, cool contrast to the warmth of the chicken and provided the sandwich with a great “crunch” to it. What really put the sandwich over the top though was the hot sauce. It had an excellent amount of heat to it, so even though I hadn’t purchased a drink, one wasn’t necessary after a couple minutes. It’s taste and heat was reminiscent of Sriacha, and paired perfectly with the cooling Tahini sauce.

This was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. It was fresh, great tasting, and had the benefit of being relatively good for you. Afterwards I had a feeling of satisfaction that is normally only reserved for my favorite places. Shawarma Spot is definitely on-par with its neighbor Amsterdam Falafel down the street. If there is any place that can fill the shawarma void left by the Lebanese Butcher, it is Shawarma Spot.

Shawarma Spot Website

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Note: The image of the exterior is not my own. Clicking on it will take you to the Shawarma Spot website (original source).




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16 12 2010
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