Ray’s Hell Burger – Arlington [Update]

24 08 2011

The other week I went out to dinner with Spikes. Neither of us were in the mood for anything fancy, so when the possibility of burgers was brought up I immediately suggested Ray’s. Seeing as how it was a Saturday night at 8:30, Ray’s was obviously crowded. I got my usual order of the Big Punisher cooked medium, which was as excellent as I remembered. We also got an order of fries to split, making it the first time I got a side at Ray’s.

Ray's Hellburger
Why did we order the fries?

The fries were fairly standard for thick cut fries. They weren’t on the level of Thrasher’s fries or even on that of Five Guys. They were solid, but they were not at the same level of quality as the burger. Also on top of the burger they were really just too much food. I probably wouldn’t order fries again, I’d like to avoid the uncomfortable fullness we felt in the future (although I could be swayed by some onion rings). 

Apparently the fries served are frozen, due to the lack of space in the kitchen available to facilitate fresh cut fries. Given the scope of business they conduct and how packed in the dine-in area is, I believe it. Apparently Ray’s is opening another location, Ray’s Hell burger III, which will have the kitchen space to serve fresh cut fries. But until Ray’s III opens up I would suggest saving your money and stomach space.

Note: The picture pictured above is not my own. It is a picture of an order of fries and a Big Punisher. Clicking on it will take you to the original site.


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